Valentineā€™s Gift Guide For Her šŸ’•

Ok girls today's blog is for all the men out there! So take a look at it then send it to your manĀ + let him know what you want for Valentineā€™s Day!Ā 
Valentineā€™s Day is all about a bouquet of red roses, a box of her favorite chocolates, a fancy dinner out,Ā + the perfect letter to let her know how much you love her. Valentine's gifts can be hard though... while she does love the bouquetĀ of red roses, box of chocolates, fancy dinner,Ā + so on. You know she's looking forward to the perfect gift! It's time to dig a little deeper to find out what she really wants!
WhetherĀ you're in a new relationshipĀ or you've been with your babe for a while, Valentineā€™s Day is a day to spoil her, by giving her the perfect gift(s) that you know she will love! So to help out all the men here (including my man... he needs all the help he can get!) I put together a perfect list of things your girl would love to receive on Valentine's Day!
Yes, we need a bag for every day of the week, it's true! Big or small, we need them ALL!!!Ā 
A dress would be the perfect gift! Especially if you have a surprise fancy dinner planned, I call that the perfect Valentine's day!
BecauseĀ we wear shirts every day... there's no reason not to get her a shirt! From a basic to a graphic tee, to a nice blouse, you cannot go wrong!
AĀ small daintyĀ necklace just might be calling your girl's name! It's the perfect way to dress up any outfit!
As girls, we LOVE wearing yoga pants... even if we didn't go to the gym! You cannot go wrong here! We are AALLLL OBSESSED!!!
There's no such thing as too many shoes! From all the different styles to all the different colors, we want... excuse me... NEED them all!!!
Okay guys, if you'reĀ stillĀ inĀ a loss atĀ what to get yourĀ babe, I have oneĀ last idea for you... A GIFT CARD! Women LOVE gift cards! It gives us the opportunityĀ to buy exactly what we want! It's truly a win-win if you ask me!
Just remember Valentine's Day does NOT change year to year likeĀ Thanksgiving,Ā + Easter, it's ALWAYS FebruaryĀ 14th! So mark your calendarsĀ + don't forget it! And lastly, Valentineā€™s Day isn't just about getting HER gifts! Girls, make sure you know what HE wants this year! Top off your gift with the perfect Valentineā€™s date! Stay tuned, ideas coming to you next week!


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