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Hello! I'm Melanie, the creator and owner of One Loved Babe!
If you've made your way to this page, you're probably like me and enjoy reading about the early stages of a business.... how it all began, and the story behind it all!
Well, let's get started!
It was April 2016, I had just graduated from UVU. I was a new stay-at-home-mom to my cute Duke, who was 1 at the time, and was needing something to keep my mind busy during nap time. Since having Duke, I had been selling baby moccasins on FB as a little side hustle (keep in mind, this was right when baby moccasins were just starting to become huge). I decided my time with selling moccasins was coming to an end (just couldn't see myself pursuing it), and had $300 leftover and decided I should put this into another side hustle.
Around the same time, a friend had added me to a FB clothing group. Since I had never heard of this boutique, I did a good amount of stalking on this page and knew this is something I could do, especially because I am, and always have been, an avid shopper! I consider myself a competitive person, and if there's something I put my mind to, I will get it done. So, that's just what I did. 
I went to my husband, Chad, and said "I'm going to open a boutique." I still have his facial expression engraved in my memory because to this day, it was probably thee most random thing I've ever said to him. 😂 He was incredibly supportive of my spontaneous idea and was, and always has been, on board.
I had zero experience with starting a business. I graduated with my associates degree, but other than that, I felt like a fish out of water on where to begin. From the day I started to the day I launched my website, it was under 30 days! I would put Duke to bed and spend many, many nights researching how to do all the things. 
Fast forward 6 years, two more babies, and a lot of ups and downs, here we are! We have grown more than I could've ever fathomed. Watching my business grow from my living room, to my basement warehouse, to hiring my first employee, to hiring over a dozen employees, and moving into a warehouse and opening a store, it's been quite the adventure!
My goal with OLB is to make every woman feel confident in her body, no matter what her size is. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and that is why I put such an emphasis on our extended sizes, since I know how hard it can be to find trendy, beautiful, plus size clothing. 
I'm so excited to see where OLB continues to take us! Thanks for being here and supporting me and my business!