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Okay babes, it's time to talk all things graphic tees! They are a HUGE trend right now + we are all loving it!👊🏼 And a little secret for you, they are not going away in 2020. In fact, they are bigger + better than ever! A graphic tee is a simple way of adding identity to your look. Anything that's easy to throw on + style up or down is a win to me! 🎉
Because graphic tees are so big + getting bigger, I thought I'd do my own research to help us all. I found out the best graphic tee trends of 2020.
Say it a little louder please, the people in the back can't hear you! 💥Repeating your message is a good way to get your point across. Talk about a well-designed T-shirt! This design is for you if you want to be cute + trendy + still get your point across. Plus, they are SOOO cute! I'm definitely going to be adding more repeating text to my closet!
If you do not own a Pink Floyd, AC/DC, or Guns and Roses T-shirt, then trust me when I say you need to catch up with this trend! 🎶Band T-shirts used to be very 90's, but ALLL the Hollywood stars are wearing these amazing band tees nowadays! Band tees are all the rave today, are you into this trend?! I know I need to hop on board!
I am OBSESSED with all things floral! Give me all the heart eyes!!! 😍Flowers are so pretty + they can be represented in so many ways. What I love about flowers is that they stand for growth, beauty, + a fresh start. Adding a simple floral print to a T-shirt is what I'm talking about! My new go-to T-shirt right here, what about you?! 🌸
Add some energy to your text-based graphic tee by making the letters rainbow colors! 🌈I love this. Talk about a way to stand out! You can definitely change the mood of any shirt by using different color palettes. Plus, aren't we ALLL obsessed with the perfect color palette?! You're bound to find one that's calling your name!
Inspirational quotes are no longer just for your iPhone wallpapers + walls in your room. They are now everywhere, including your shirts! ✨There are so many inspirational + encouraging sayings, why not put them on a shirt for everyone to read! I love reading all the inspirational shirts. Each one is different + inspires me in a new way. This is not only trendy, but beautiful + stylish.
Oversized is all the rage lately. Put an oversized print on an oversized shirt + we have something to talk about! I am a huge lover of this trend! Anything oversized is calling my name! Everyone is wearing it, are you?! 👊🏼
Isn't there a little retro in all of us?! Let's throw it back to the 60's + 70's with retro fonts + colors! Using a groovy font with a funky color is an easy way to design an AMAZING graphic tee. 🔥With a simple + retro graphic tee, your styling options are endless babe!
The graphic tee trend is back with a BANG! These cool shirts are putting up a show everywhere you go! Go start shopping for your perfect graphic tee + let us know what you choose!


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