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Thanksgiving Outfit Guide

Thanksgiving Outfit Guide

Let's be honest, calories don't count on Thanksgiving, but your outfit should! It can be stressful to have the perfect Thanksgiving while deciding what dress to wear that will look best in pictures + trying to keep in mind how many servings of your favorite sweet potato casserole you can eat while wearing that dress. 
When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of all the mouth-watering food, but you can’t forget about putting together the perfect outfit. Everyone jokes about unbuttoning your pants after eating, but let's be honest... NO ONE wants to see that! So when planning the perfect outfit, keep in mind you'll want it to be comfortable, stretchy, + of course stylish!
Sweaters are one of my all-time favorites to wear at Thanksgiving! Give yourself some room with a loose + relaxed-fitting sweater! But make sure it's comfy + cozy, right? Feel comfy + cozy in all the right places! Pair it with your favorite pair of pants + you are fashionably ready for your Thanksgiving festivities! Sweaters are definitely food coma approved, who's with me?!
Okay, shirts can be deceiving when choosing one for your Thanksgiving party! You have to keep in mind you don't want a fitted shirt, but if you do choose to wear one, make sure it's stretchy + a little loose, like our Back + Forth Bodysuit! My go-to shirt for Thanksgiving is something more on the loose side + won't show my "about to burst stomach"!
Cardigans are a great choice, especially if you do choose a shirt more on the fitted side! It will cover up my "about to burst stomach!" + that's exactly what I need after all the AMAZING Thanksgiving food! I'm a lover of cardigans; they keep you warm, but you always have the option to take it off.... after my stomach has settled of course!
First things first! Your pants MUST be stretchy!!! Yes, jeans can be stretchy too! So if you choose any kind of jeans, make sure you won't have to unbutton them during or after dinner! Leggings are always a great choice, so stretchy + oh so comfy! But if neither of these sound good to you, go for the wide legs pants + you're ready to eat!
Dress to impress, am I right?! Like I've said a MILLION times, stretchy, loose, + relaxed is your friend this Thanksgiving + same goes for dresses! Smocking is a great idea, talk about stretchy! Or a nice flowy dress, I'm SOOO down! Looking dressy + fancy this Thanksgiving, you'll be sure to turn heads in that perfect dress.
Let's welcome the season of food coma with empty stomachs, a full heart, + all the stylish outfits! 


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