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New Year, New Goals

New Year, New Goals

I love the New Year! There's something so wonderful about a fresh new start. I love setting new goals in the New Year. It amazes me at the end of the year to see which ones I checked off + others that I still need lots of work on.... We've all been there!
Setting long term goals + achieving them can sometimes be so hard! So, I came up with a few ideas to help us all complete our goals and kill it this year!
1. Write down your goals + look at them often
YES! Write them ALL down! Setting goals + not writing them down is setting yourself up for failure.... sorry to burst your bubble, babe! Not only write them down, but write them somewhere you will see often + be able to look at on the daily! It's easier to look + see your progress when you can look at each goal every day!
I like to write my goals in my phone, write them on a piece of paper, + leave it on my nightstand.
2. Create goals for different areas of your life
Getting your finances in order + maybe even the body you've been dreaming of are great! But what about other parts of your life?! If you set a goal, or even two, (let's push ourselves this year) in each area of your life you just might see an amazing ripple effect in all areas of your life.
I like to set goals in my relationship, finances, work, spiritual, + my health + fitness.
3. Set goals that are realistic + attainable
Yes, it would be nice to lose that extra 20 pounds or get out of debt... But just writing that down as your goal won't get you anywhere. Be more specific with your goals + don't make big, huge goals--make them small + simple.
Instead of eating chips every day, I will replace that with popcorn. It's much healthier + I still get that fantastic crunch! 
The New Year is the best motivation to start something new or work on something in your life that needs some help! Either way, set goals specific to you + your life. Go out there + kill it, babe! You got this!

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