Minimalistic Wardrobe

Have you ever really looked at your closet + noticed how many clothes + shoes you have in there?! Yeah, me too + let me tell you, it's a LOT!!! Often times, the more we have the less we enjoy it. That goes with clothes too babes! If you are wanting to start your journey to a minimalistic wardrobe, here are some starter tips for you!
First things first babes, clean out your closet. And by clean it out, I mean take EVERYTHING out! Yes, take it ALLLL out! It will be much easier to get rid of unworn + unnecessary items in your closet by taking it all out! Now is the time to start fresh. And who doesn't love a fresh start?!
Next, you'll want to take a look at ALLLL of your items + start making a keep pile + a get rid of pile. As you decide to keep items, do NOT put them in your closet, yet... But wait! Make sure your get rid of it pile is a box or bag!!! Out of sight, out of mind! If you can't see it, you won't miss it!
Second, STOP being so sentimental! There, I said it! This is where your questions will come in handy. Ask yourself questions like "Have I worn this in the last year?", "How often do I wear this?", "Will this bring someone else joy?". When you ask yourself questions like these, you'll see it's MUCH easier to throw things in your get rid of it pile!
Make sure to keep your "staple" items! Basic tees, denim jeans, everyday sneakers, you know, all the things you ALWAYS wear + naturally go to! But keep in mind, it might be time to get some NEW basics + go-to items. If so, throw them into that box + make a note to get something new!
After you go through all your clothes, start putting things back into your closet! But while you do this, ask yourself the same or new questions! You'll be amazed at how much MORE you will throw into that get rid of box! While putting items back into your closet, ORGANIZE IT!!! We have some great organizing tips; read our blog   Let’s Get Organizing! Trust me when I say you’ll want to STARE at your closet ALL.DAY.LONG after doing this!
Also, another tip for you babes, if possible get matching hangers! It will make your closet neat + beautiful + feel even more organized! As if it could get better!!! But there you have it, how to have a minimalistic wardrobe! Happy cleaning babes!

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