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Let's Get Organizing ✨

Let's Get Organizing ✨

Who else needs a closet clean out?! It's past that time for me! Every 3 months I like to go through my closet to organize + get rid of unwanted + unworn clothes! So I decided to come up with a step-by-step guide to show you how I easily clean + organize my closet in under 20 minutes!

I used to spend hours going through my closet + trying to find clothes I know I don't wear anymore or that one shirt I absolutely love! But this guide has helped me maintain an organized closet and will hopefully help you do the same!

First step, Declutter your closet! 
I always separate my clothes into categories! Shirts, pants, dresses, sweaters, etc. This makes it so much easier to take a good look at what you have the most of + maybe what you really don't wear anymore, or maybe you don't even want anymore! As you declutter your closet make a promise to yourself to ONLY keep what you absolutely love + wear often! Everything else... GET RID OF IT! 

Store your Clothes by Category
Ok, is this too obvious?! But hey if we are honest, it makes a huge difference when trying to find certain clothes! Keep like items with like items! It's that simple! Keep your all your belts in the same spot, your pretty dresses hanging side by side + don't put your pajamas with your workout clothes! 

Hang all your Delicate or Fancy Clothes!
Some of us might have all the space in the world + can hang every single T-Shirt we own, but that’s not the case for all of us. If you don't have the space, hang the obvious stuff, you know, the stuff that will wrinkle easily or that really nice summer dress! Hang all your dresses + skirts + don't forget your fancy items like suits + blazers.    

Stack thick items
Save your precious drawer + hanging space! Stack all your cute sweaters + jeans, in separate piles of course! They make a perfect + neat stack to fill up your vertical shelf space because they are very sturdy when folded. Not only will it look good, but it will make looking for that fuzzy striped sweater that much easier!

Roll up your clothes!
Cotton shirts, leggings + polyester shorts are usually thin + easy to roll, making them the perfect item to roll in your drawer + better yet for more space. Choosing to roll your clothes will also help all those wrinkles! Folding clothes gives them that line we know and hate, but when rolling there will be little to no lines! Plus, rolling your clothes is a major SPACE-SAVER! 
Color Code your wardrobe
Yes, organizing your clothes by color can be so tedious!!! Tell me I'm not the only one who dreads this step! But, the end result will leave you with all the heart eyes! Plus it's so much easier to find what you are looking for! You want to wear your green shirt? Don't be looking through your whole closet, just go to the green section + look! There it is! No need to go crazy organizing those clothes by color, keep it simple with the most general colors + it will make your closet totally pinterest worthy! 

Now that you know all the steps in cleaning + organizing your wardrobe, go try it out! I have found this works best for me. Keeping up with your closet will always be an on-going process because let's be honest we are always updating our wardrobe anyway!

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