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Finding your personal style can sometimes be a real struggle! We’ve all been there at least once… or multiple times! Hello, your own style can change! Not only does your style make a good first impression, it’s about approaching each day with confidence + feeling beautiful in what you wear! You want your clothes + you to scream “THIS IS SO ME!” + to feel like you, inside + outHow do you find your style then? Well to help us out, I did some of my own research on tips to help you find your personal style!
Notice What Your Favorite Pieces are in Your Closet 
Okay, we all do it… we wear the same clothes day in + day out! We know what our favorites are in our closet! We gravitate towards them! Ask yourself, "Why am I always pulling these items first from my closet? What is it that I like about them?". When you truly look at what you ABSOLUTELY LOVE in your closet, it's not hard to find out what your style is.
"When it comes to my style, I just know what I like + what I don't like."
-Kira Rhodes
Look For Inspiration 
You don't need to do this soul searching alone babe! Look at your favorite stars, bloggers, or influencers + do a little research! Look at what they wear + why you like it! My favorite, take a look at Pinterest, there are SO many ideas to pull from! Pulling inspiration from different sources, like Instagram, + Pinterest is a great way to start! There are so many people wearing so many different styles.
"My style is a reflection of my family, my mom, + aunts."
-Emery Williams
"My style is a reflection of the media + who I am loving these days! I am also always trying new things to see what I like + what I don't like."
-Ari Paulson
Take Your Lifestyle + Goals into Consideration
Your wardrobe + style should cater to your lifestyle. You want your style to reflect your personality, but it also needs to work in your field of work, overall lifestyle, + the city you live in. If you are a stay at home mom, you want your style to be comfortable + easy to move in, who else is going to chase those cute kids around. If you work in the city at a big firm, you want your style to be sharp + professional. 
"When it comes to my style, I like to look at my personality + who I am as a person. When I try things on I get a vibe if it represents me + who I am"
-Kaily Dixon
Feel Confident 
How you feel in your own skin is a game-changer when it comes to… well, everything! But especially CLOTHES! When you feel your best, you stand taller, + smile bigger + let me tell you, people notice! When you feel confident you can pull ANYTHING off! Confidence is the best look babe, as long as you feel good in it, you can rock it!
"My style is fluid, it changes daily based on how I am feeling. The one constant is dog hair, no outfit is complete without it!"
-Lexi Jack
"My style... well to be honest if I feel good in it then I know it's me + I can pull it off! It's all about feeling confident in your clothes!"
-Kirsten Card
When it comes to finding your style, don't get discouraged! And remember, your style can always change, even on the daily! Your style is 100% you + what makes you, well, you!


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