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10 Easy (but Amazing) Halloween Costumes - ft. sizes XS-XXXL

10 Easy (but Amazing) Halloween Costumes - ft. sizes XS-XXXL

Some of you may have been planning your Halloween costume(s) since last November. Some of us, however, tend to leave this sorta thing for the last minute. If you still haven’t figured out what you’ll be this Halloween and are stuck for ideas, we’ve got your back. Check out this list of ten halloween costumes you can make using OLB styles (and how to make them).

Tinkerbell / Fairy

Tinkerbell is one of my favorite costumes! She’s so cute and a fairy costume is so easy to get right with the right props. First, you’ll need a cute dress - bonus points for shimmer, special sleeve details, or anything else that can glam up this look. To really match the color of Tinkerbell, we went with the East Hampton Dress, which has the cutest sleeves and body, a flirty length, and the perfect tie across the chest. Next - shoes. Really, any shoes will do, but if you want to nail the Tink look, opt for some ballet flats and tape/glue cotton balls on the tops.  Add some wings and a magic wand, and to top it all off, I’d recommend a glittery eye, maybe even some glitter on the cheeks or lips.


Tangled is in my top three Disney movies, and if you have long hair (or a long-haired wig), this costume couldn’t be easier. All you’ll need is a pretty purple dress and a frying pan, bonus points if you bring around a chameleon as Pascal - either stuffed or real. And that’s it! You can wear your hair down or braid it and add some flowers. To match our look, check out the No Problems Dress, or for a plus sized option, the Sweet Like Sugar Dress.


The witch is the classic of all classics when it comes to Halloween costumes, and there is so much room for creativity here! As a base, let’s use a black dress and black heels or booties (check out our Prescott Dress). Then, you can get your message across with a few different tools - a pointy witch hat, a wand, or a cauldron (painting your face green and adding warts or a prosthetic nose also works, but that requires a little more dedication than I’m in for). We love any excuse to wear a good brim hat, so we opted for the cute spider web witch hat pictured above. Finish it off by brewing up some good drinks and hexing any boys who have wronged you and you’ll have a bewitchingly good night. ;)

Princess Peach

An icon when it comes to fashion and beauty in video gaming. For her, we’ll want to buy or make her iconic crown and blue amulet, and match the earrings if you can as well. Take a pink dress and drape tulle around the waist (run it through safety pins to create the tiers), and you’re set for a great Princess Peach costume! We recommend the Clear Skies Dress (pictured) or the Plus Size - Same Mistakes Dress.

Kim Possible

Did you know....The first Kim Possible episode aired TWENTY years ago (June 2002). For Kim, we’re opting for either a black or army green pair of pants with a black crop top and black shoes (pictured are our House Party Set and Rushing In Boots). Bonus points for a chunky belt, and double bonus points if you can get your hands on a pager (pro tip: ask your friends/relatives that are doctors). To really nail the look, you’ll want to get Kim’s signature fiery red hair. Some of you may have been naturally blessed with this, otherwise, a temporary spray or wig may serve you well.

Race Car Driver

For this look, we need a jumpsuit and somewhere in that jumpsuit, a checkered pattern reminiscent of racing flags. Luckily, our Count Me In Jumpsuit (XS-XXXL) “checks” both of those boxes in one swoop. Next, add a racing helmet and some sneakers or booties and voila, you'll look like you’re about to step into the driver's seat on an F1 track.  


We love the Barbie aesthetic - we’re talking pink everything! AND - have you heard that there’s a new Barbie live action movie coming next summer? At this point, there are so many different Barbie looks to choose from, but for a classic Barbie look, we’re opting for a pink dress or skirt set and girly makeup - think pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow, and soft blush. To get the perfect Instagram shot, pose with stiff limbs - bent elbows and straight hands. Our model absolutely nailed it in the Brynlee Dress. For a plus size option, check out the Whatever It Is Dress.

Elle Woods

While we’re on the theme of pink, it would be a shame to go without mentioning this pink icon. For Elle, stay on the theme of pink in terms of dress and accessories - structured pieces are best, like our Miranda Set. For hair, opt for soft curls or a high half-up hairstyle. To finish the look, either reading glasses or sunglasses with pink lenses and a stuffed chihuahua in a cute designer bag.💅


For an angel costume, you’ll just need a white dress or jumpsuit, a crown, and wings. Our model looks absolutely stunning (you might even say "heavenly"..) in the Plus Size - Keep Talking Dress, so that’s gonna be my top recommendation, or for wider sizing (XS-3XL), check out our Prescott Dress in ivory.

And if you’re going to have an angel, you need a devilish counterpart. The flirty New Dawn Dress is absolutely perfect for this look, but any red dress or ensemble will do as long as you add a pair of devil horns to complete the look.

And there you have it, ten costumes for this Halloween that are sure to be a hit. Let us know In the comments which one is your favorite, and be sure to tag us on Instagram if you wear any One Loved Babe pieces this Halloween. :) @onelovedbabe

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