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10 Excuses to Show Off Your Swimwear This Summer

10 Excuses to Show Off Your Swimwear This Summer

Anyone else tend to buy five or ten swimsuits every year, even if you don’t have a reason to wear them?🙋🏼‍♀️ Well, in case you need an excuse (or ten) to show off your swimwear this summer, we’re here to help.

Weekend Staycation✨
I have to say, I’m a huge fan of staycations. Check into a hotel, order room service to your heart’s desire, and hit the pool or hot tub. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a picture tanning or hanging in the pool to post on your story and make all your friends jealous of your life of ‘luxury’.

Beach Trip 🌊☀️
Whether you’re on the East Coast or the West Coast (or somewhere in-between), plan a trip to your nearest beach spot and take the weekend for some sun, salt, and sand. I think almost everyone can use a little extra vitamin D... and vitamin “sea”. ;)

Hot Springs🌲
Raise your hand if you’re a huge fan of hiking! Utah has some great hot springs, and the hike up makes the destination the perfect reward. I personally love hiking to hot springs when it’s chilly out, but these are great year-round. 

Boating at the Lake⛵️
In theory, I love water sports, but when it comes down to it, wakeboarding, water skiing, and the like are probably my worst areas in athletics. Plus, I’m terrified of jet skiing (don’t ask why😂). Despite all of this, there’s nothing like laying in the sun on the back of a boat (and there’s nothing like the sunburn I come back with every time).

River Tubing🌊
Here’s a fun story about the only time I’ve gone river tubing. Last summer, I went up to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho to go camping with some friends. We decided to tube the river up there, and I came down on a rock so hard that I had to go to physical therapy for a buttock contusion and gluteal tendonitis hahaha. Totally worth it. If you’re looking for something more mild, I hear the Provo River is great. Plus, you’re sure to have some great scenery and your tube is an automatic photo prop, so snap some pics while you’re out there!

Resort Vacation🏖
Sometimes, it’s go big or go home. Whether you find a resort in your state, or are heading to Mexico or somewhere tropical, this is sure to be one of the best options on the list. Something about resorts just makes them feel like a home away from home. Not to mention, resorts are practically made for taking the perfect Instagram photo (or making the perfect Tik Tok😜).

palm leafs and swim

Water Park (or Provo Beach Resort’s Flow Rider)🎢
Alright, I had to throw this one in there. The Flow Rider is so much fun, but if you’re looking for an all-day alternative, find your nearest waterpark. This one’s for the girl who loves roller coasters, but is looking to make a splash (too corny?).

Yard Games💦
There’s something nostalgic about running through sprinklers and diving down a Slip N’ Slide that brings back all of my best summer memories from childhood. Whether you’re young or old, there are so many options for water yard games that you’re sure to find something right for you. 

Day at the Pool🏊‍♀️
I have a feeling this is going to be the option that most people will actually do. If you have a city pool or a friend with a pool, then perfect! But if not, buy a blowup pool to put in your backyard and dream big.

pool day

Hot Tubbing🧘‍♀️
If you’re in college, you might relate to this more than most. One of my favorite hang spots in college was at the hot tub (and no matter where we went, it always seemed to be poppin’). What better way to relax while getting to spend time with friends? 

There you have it! Ten ways to show off your swimwear this season...Which means you need AT LEAST ten suits, right?😜 We’re so excited for our 2021 swim collection, which just launched this morning! Tag us on Instagram so we can see how you’re showing off your picks!

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