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How it all started...

The #1 question I get asked about my business: how did you start all of this?

Back up 2.5 years ago, April 2016. I was a new stay-at-home mom, wanting to start a hobby, something for me. I felt the urge to find my passion so I had something to keep my mind busy while changing diapers, doing laundry, making dinners, etc. At that time, I had been buying a lot of clothes from an online shop, and just wasn't obsessed with the fit, style, and especially the cost.

One day, I went to my husband,

"I'm going to start my own clothing business".

I wish you could all see the look he had on his face! It took him completely by surprise, he definitely wasn't expecting those words to come out of my mouth.

We made a deal.

I would only buy the clothes I would want in my closet, and that would be my way of "shopping". I would get to keep one of every item, and sell the rest.

The next day, it all began. I researched, researched and researched. I basically lived on my computer for the next month figuring out exactly how this was all going to work. Not only that, I had to figure out how to build a site! I'm no computer-savvy person, so this was not an easy task for me. I built the site from the ground up, (to this day, it's what I'm most proud of haha). I always say, If I can do it, anyone can! 

Fast forward a month and I was in business! I started out with one little clothing rack set up in our living room. The traffic was slow, and the orders were small, but I was determined. I was going to make this grow.

Starting a business is scary! Putting yourself out there is scary! Spending your precious time and money into a start-up business is scary! Still to this day, I couldn't be more grateful to my friends and family (and especially my husband), who believed in me from the beginning. Having a strong support system is what really kept me going, especially on those hard, sleepless, late nights!

My little "hobby" has since then turned into a full-time job, and I feel so grateful to where it has gone, and am so excited to see where it continues to go! 

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I love it! Your perseverance has blessed us all! One of my favorite sites. Thank you for providing everyone with cute boutique clothing at a reasonable price!!


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